What Is A Fad Diet

Fad diets are defined as diets that become popular for very a short time period, after which their popularity fades away. This may be because of brilliant advertising gimmicks, or highly paid celebrity endorsements. In terms of providing short term rapid weight loss, a fad diet is perhaps the best solution you have. However, such diets can be dangerous and won’t result in long term weight loss. A number of them have proven very harmful with prolonged use. The reason these diets become ‘fad’ diets is simple. Everyone is looking for something new, the magic button, something they haven’t tried before that will offer easy weight loss. Again, the efficacy of these diets can be determined only by a person who has attempted it, and who has been successful at achieving results.

QUESTION: could you name some fad diets?i’m not planning to go on one, i’m doing a school paper on dieting and i just want to know a list of fad diets and what the diet consists of, and also what are the side effects and how effective the diets are as a whole. I’ve already got the Lipotrim diet, the lemonade diet and the no carb diet. thank you!

  • The smartest way u can do is get on the dissociated “diet”. It is not really a diet but a way of constructing your meals, it will re-shape your metabolism with little cost and has rules you can really follow. The effect shows slower but lasts for a long time. The dissociated diet means basically eating only one type of thing at every meal. Potatoes only for breakfast, some chicken for lunch, fish for dinner, you just have to make sure in a few days u get everything your body needs. You do that by including fruit meals in between and salads also. You can mix some of the foods like having potatoes with tomatoes or tomatoes with cheese,. chicken with salad or lemon. NO pork during the strict 6 months period, and overall as little as possible. Sausages are also bad for u. The rules are: no fried stuff – try to boil or steam cook everything, use as little oil as possible and NO bread. You can eat pretzels instead but don’t abuse, also as little milk and sweets as possible. If u have to have sweets try home-made ones like cakes and sweet bread but rarely. Giving up bread could make u feel very nasty at first but there is no other way. What helps your diet is Spiruline pills half hour before every meal. They are made out of algae, contain major elements the body needs and they are natural. They make you feel less hungry and taken for a 6 months strict dissociated diet can 100% re-shape your metabolism. You will find this way of eating pretty relaxing, after a 6 months you can mix-match some of your food making sure they don’t belong to the same class and the effects could last your whole winter. The next summer do another strict dissociating and you will be very happy with the results. To shape your body you will need some medical bike, a bit of running – i recommend running on the spot right inside your house, a max 100 abs 3 times a day and some gymnastics.


  • Cabbage or nettle soup diet where all you eat is soup, soup and more soup..personally I’ve never been on it and i never would. you apparently lose loads of weight in the first week, then put it straight back on again when you’ve decided you can’t just eat cabbage soup all your life! ;) X



  • the baby food diet.. when all you eat is a jar of babyfood for each meal, i believe lady gaga started it



  • set your options to ‘all English questions’ and just see what the Americans ask: water fasts, juice detoxes, Acai berries, special k (ok, that’s a UK one), low carb, Atkins, grapefruit diet, etc etc. it’s hilarious. None of them work because the only way to lose weight is to eat less and move more. People look for a quick fix or a miracle, and there’s no such thing. it boils down to ‘put down the fork and get off the couch’.



  • Grapefruit Atkins Heck, just any diet that has a name attached to it. The word “diet” when used to describe a method of losing weight, is already a fad, because the proper use of the word is to describe your normal eating habits.



One thing we have to clarify right now lies in the fact that all the term ‘fad diets’ really means is a diet plan that is popular for a time and then the public losses interest and it isn’t so popular any more. This could be for either good or bad reasons. Most fad diet plans become popular because people are losing weight using them. However this does not guarantee that the diet is a healthy one or that the weight loss will be permanent. Other times fad diet plans fall from grace because people become obsessed with the following seemingly easier fad.

Fad diets usually require you to consume foods of just one particular food group, and avoid others. Some require you to give up carbohydrates completely and focus on consuming foods from other nutrient groups, for instance. Some focus on the consumption of only protein-rich foods with other nutrient groups being supplemented in very limited quantities, on the other hand. Here’s a list of some of the more popular fad diets.

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The cabbage soup diet is founded on the theory that cabbage has a fat-burning ability, and upon consuming cabbage soup along with certain other foods for one week, you can lose up to 10 pounds. It is a diet that is fiber rich, and low-fat and low-carb. You are permitted to have as much soup as you want. This helps in detoxifying the body. Keeping yourself hydrated with tons of water is essential while on this diet. It should be followed only for 7 days.

The acai berry diet was first popularized by Dr. Perricone on the Oprah Winfrey show, when he described the powerful antioxidant properties of this berry. Further, when Oprah mentioned that she herself has been benefiting from the consumption of this wonder berry, the diet became more popular. The diet simply requires consuming acai berries, along with other products meant for colon cleansing when you’re on any weight loss plan. It is a natural appetite suppressor and helps in increasing the body’s metabolism, thereby enabling weight loss.

The zone diet was recently one of the most popular fad diets. However, in today’s day and time, only a select few resort to it though it has been approved by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston. Here, you’re asked to consume foods that contain nutrients in appropriate measure, I.e. carbohydrates at 40 %, fats at 30 %, and proteins at 30%. The diet is supposed to be a low-carb diet. As long as you stay within the prescribed limits, you’re permitted to eat what you feel like.

With all the negative aspects associated with fad diets, the South Beach Diet has emerged as one of those that actually works, as it enables healthy weight loss in a short time period. You are asked to consume healthy fats and carbohydrates that help you to lose weight. This diet was initially designed for people suffering from heart disease. However, it was soon noticed that this diet enabled a good amount of weight loss. By simply asking you to abstain from the consumption of refined carbohydrates and foods high in sugar content, this diet not only enables weight loss, but likewise in reducing cardiac problems such as high cholesterol levels.

You’ve all probably heard of the special K challenge, that tells you that you will be able to lose up to six pounds in 2 weeks, along with a visibly smaller waist. Introduced by the Kellogg company, the special K diet entails consuming the special K cereal (with skimmed milk) as one complete meal, twice a day. You are allowed to have one full meal. This should be in the manner of grilled or steamed food. Since many may find this diet a little boring, there are various of special K products that will allow you to stick to this diet. The consumption of fruits, vegetables and low-fat yogurt is promoted in this diet.

The grapefruit diet is basically like the Atkins diet with the inclusion of a grapefruit before each meal. The diet only allows three meals each day, with no snacking in between meals. Supposedly a person on this diet could lose 10 pounds in only 10 days.

A lot of individuals have been known to profit from the Atkins diet, and continue doing so. This is why its popularity has soared at an commendable pace. This is a low-carb, low-fat diet. This functions on the thesis that the body burns carbohydrates as well as fats to provide for a matter of energy. It is when you stop the intake of these nutrients that the body begins burning the stored resources, and results in weight loss. However, when you refrain from the intake of these two, you ought to raise the intake of protein as it offers the necessary strength to the body for survival. This diet won’t help you lose weight quickly, but over time.

The lemonade diet is essentially a liquid detox diet, where you’re asked to survive entirely on lemonade to eventually suppress your appetite. The lemonade is prepared with ingredients such as water, red pepper, lemon juice, and maple syrup. You are asked not to have plain water, but only lemonade to quench your thirst. It is unquestionably a crash diet that helps detoxify the body and aids some weight loss, but doesn’t assist in the long run.

With all said and done about fad diets and their effectiveness, you must remember that any diet will work for you if you give it some time. Most of the aforementioned diets are designed with the idea that they can induce healthy eating habits in you. This will then transform your appetite and lifestyle. Getting a good amount of physical activity in the shape of exercise is also essential, and once you get into this rhythm, you’re sure to live a healthy life ahead. In any case, before resorting to any diet, you must consult your physician or nutritionist, as your nutritional requirements may differ from those of others, and any excess or deficiency of a given nutrient can affect your body in a negative way.

Examples of this kind of diet fad are the grapefruit diet, the cookie diet, and the cabbage soup diet that were all popular at one time or another. These diets may produce some weight loss initially. However, these diets cannot be sustained over the long term. Can you imagine eating cabbage every day during the rest of your life? Stay away from diet fads that concentrate on a narrow range of foods. You could end up with serious nutritional deficiencies.