Long Term Weight Loss

Losing weight isn’t the hard part. Keeping it off is a challenge.

Weight loss isn’t easy. But not falling off the wagon when those cravings hit IS REALLY TOUGH. Your favorite ice cream, temptations like chocolate brownies, and deserts everywhere. They seem to exist just to challenge your weight loss goals. That goodness there’s a pill that will help you lose weight (without exercise) and can also battle those hunger pains and cravings to help you keep it off!

FAQ’s: Is there a secret to long term weight loss ?Other than exercise and calorie controlled food intake has anyone come across a diet that works for them in the long term?

  • Is there a secret to long term weight loss ? yes. commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss is just a very cool side effect of healthy lifestyle choices. My healthy lifestyle includes a 1200 to 1800 calorie a day eating plan and 30 to 60 minutes a day of sweat. The one good thing about this is that you can eat whatever you like in moderation and exercise is just plain good for you. There’s nothing else that will give you lasting results. If you fall off the wagon once in a while then it’s not a big deal..you simply pick yourself up and vow to do better next time. If you stick with it, it will become a habit and easier and easier to “think healthy first”. Good luck and I hope this gives you some ideas…


  • If you haven’t been to the Dr. recently you may have him/her check your thyroid. I have hypothyroidism and very slow metabolism but there are medications to help some with that.



  • Try using the Mediteranian food pyramid instead of the US one. It is set up a little differently and based heavily on protien coming from beans and fish rather than the typical US meats. It is relatively easier to make the switch too, very healthy, and a bonus is staying slim!



  • I hate to be the bearer of bad news but in the long run no fad diet will help you. The best route to getting long term results is hiring a nutritionist and person trainer.



  • Walking and doing housework is the best exercise for losing fat and ensure that your diet does not include any high calorie foods. Formulate your own weight loss plan and you will lose weight faster. From http://myweight.info





You can stick to your weight loss goals and achieve the svelte looking figure you’re after. Remember, there is no such thing as a healthy quick weight loss diet. All diets should include exercise to help make your heart and body stronger. You should never begin a diet or exercise program without first consulting your doctor.

Reach your weight loss goal by eliminating your diet. It does not make sense does it? If you have yo-yo dieted all of your lives you know exactly where I’m going. If you restrict yourself so much that you’re going to binge later, it is not much of a diet.

Just When You Thought You Had Heard It All…

You need a lifestyle change that will allow you to meet and maintain your weight loss goals instead of dieting. Only you can determine that you’re not engaging in another quick weight loss scheme and we are prepared to change your lifestyle.

The new lifestyle has too include lots of fruits and vegetables. Substitutes for real food do not do your body very much good, irrespective of their vitamin and mineral content. If you’re a vegetarian eat a little peanut butter, dried beans, and egg in your diet. Those who’re not vegetarians can include moderate portions of grilled chicken and fish.

Fact: It is true that those who follow a vegetarian diet usually, not always, eat fewer calories and fat, and appears to have lower body weight in relation to their height than non-vegetarians. So it does seem that choosing a vegetarian cuisine with a low fat content may be useful for weight loss. But anyone, vegetarian or not, can make bad food choices that cause weight gain.

It’s easy to go out to eat following your new lifestyle for weight loss. I do not know of a restaurant that does not offer a salad. Eat it sans the dressing. You get used to eat and vegetables taste better when you get a chance really taste them without their being drenched in dressing or sauce.

If you’re overweight this is against the grain. The first thing we wish to do when we’re overweight is starve ourselves. That isn’t the right way to rid your body of excess calories which are creating excess pounds.

The best thing you can do is eat about six times daily. If you want to set an evening deadline after which you do not eat, that is fine. Up to that point, eat all day.

Eat small portions of green vegetables and high protein snacks. Among the protein bars I have investigated Southbeach bars offer the most protein for the calories. (140 Calories and 6-10 grams of protein.) Be careful with high protein bars designed for those who’re extremely athletic. One bar may have over three hundred calories. Investigate for yourself and you may find an even better calorie to protein ratio. These bars are great for one of your mini-meals.

Eating several meals throughout the day to answer your weight loss goals means that you are required to reduce the portions and calories of the meals. Eat snack-sized portions. Plan ahead and pack healthy snacks for your day at work. Don’t depend on the vending machine. No good thing came from a vending machine.

This is very important. Cut your portions down at each meal. In most cases, the amounts of food we eat at each meal is grossly in excess. The large amounts of food isn’t nutritionally necessary. Instead, eat smaller portions at your regular meal times and include 2 snacks a day. One snack during mid morning and another in mid afternoon. Don’t let the label snack confuse you, you should be eating healthy food here. An apple, carrot sticks, nuts. Also, by eating 5-7 times a day you keep your metabolism at a higher rate consistently.

Eating more frequently throughout the day should boost your metabolism. This will help your body burn calories more efficiently and increase your body’s capacity to lose weight.

Create a chart just for you. Put a before picture at the top. Find a body that realistically reflects how you’d like to look. Upload the photo or scan and upload a picture from a magazine. Open the photo in Windows Media or your favorite photo editing program. Crop the head off the body that reflects your goal and paste your own head in its place. Elongate your headshot if necessary to make your face look thinner.

Record the measurements of your bust, thighs on your weight loss chart, and waist. These measurements are greater than your weight. However, you do want to weigh on a balanced scale and record your weight.

Measurements are a better judge of weight loss than weight, because as you work out you build muscle which weighs more than fat. If you rely on the extent or weigh and measure too often you’ll become discouraged.

It is a reality that when you burn more calories than you consume you’ll lose weight. You have to assume that and look to your long term weight loss goals. Don’t be in a rush. It took a long time to build up excess weight. It takes time to take it off.

Keep track of your measurements and weight. Add photos as you start to reach your weight loss goal. This is for you, so I do not recommend posting it on the refrigerator. I would post it in a bathroom or a closet. Sometimes the best intentioned friends can crash your esteem in the midst of a weight loss program. Remember, you’re done this for you, for your health and longevity.

In addition to your weight loss chart, write down your weight loss goals. Create very specific goals and to determine the reasons you want to achieve those goals. Vague goals are seldom reached. Unwritten goals are easily forgotten.

Be specific when you write your goals, but likewise make sure your goals are realistic and attainable. Include a specific weight and specific measurements you ‘d like to attain. Goals associated with an event or time of year should be noted. If you’re trying to fit into a little black party dress, get in shape for summer, or lower your weight to improve your health write these associations down.

People run the danger of failing at weight loss when their goals lack one of these characteristics.  An example of a weight loss goal that is attainable, measurable and specific is to establish the goal of losing 1-2 lbs a week.  This is a pragmatic and healthy amount of weight to lose in that time period.  It is specific, measurable and attainable.

Keep your weight loss goals focused on the short term.  While you might like to lose 50 pounds in all, set goals to lose the first five or ten lbs is a great deal more realistic especially if you plan to reward yourself for meeting your goals.  Even more realistic than basing your weight loss goals on specific numbers is to set behavior based goals.

An example of a behavior based goal is to determine the goal to drink 8 glasses of water each day in a week.  It is an attainable goal, requires specific action and is measurable.  Weight loss, itself, depends on all kinds of factors, few of them out of your reach, but you totally control your own behavior.

When you use goal setting properly, they can be powerful motivators in your weight loss plan.  For example, when you set a goal for eating a number of fruits and veggies each day, record in a journal how many you do eat and whether you are meeting that goal.  You will be achieving the goal by doing it and writing it down while during the same time encouraging yourself to continue.  And continuing to do so will inevitably lead to weight loss and increased health.

You can use goal setting to stay on track.  Monitor your goals in order that they don’t become too broad or ambitious (and end up being unrealistic).  Realistic goals will allow you to stay focused.

As you reach your goals mark your calendar in a large way. Celebrate your success. Small successes pave the way to the larger successes. Remember also, if you fall off the weight loss wagon, were it not for failures we would not know what a success was. Get up and try again. Those who’ve achieved the most in life have had more failures than they have successes. As Michael Jordan said, they just got up after every failure and tried again.

Share your weight loss goals with a trusted friend, workout partner, confidant, or personal trainer. Share your goals only with people who’ll encourage you. You do not need to be badgered or bossed around. You are in control of your weight loss. It is, after all, your body.

Although similar to your weight loss chart, I recommend you keep a weight loss journal as well. The chart is a motivational tool. It is an overview of the big picture of your weight loss. A journal is your day-by-day accountability partner.

Yes, it is a little time consuming, but if you take time to record what you eat and how many you eat you’ll be in a position to identify foods that are sabotaging your weight loss goals. You may discover that you break your weight loss plan in certain circumstances or in certain social situations. This will equip you to avoid such situations or develop a game plan to address them in the future.

Use your weight loss journal to record your exercises and calorie expenditure. Wear a pedometer and you’ll almost force yourself to take further steps every day. The number of steps per day can also be recorded in your journal.

One of the greatest advantages of a weight loss journal is that it enables you to identify your weaknesses and helps you plan for successful weight loss in the future.