How To Lose Inches Off Your Waist?

Lots of people want to see how they can lose inches off their waists in a few days. Dream on. Is it possible to loseĀ  inches but not a lot in a single day, or single week. You can drop an inch from your waistline within one week. But this would require extreme rapid weight loss. The good news is there is a new diet supplement that can help you reduce, even without exercise.

You are reading this article now because you’re trying to figure out how to lose inches off your waist. Well here’s how you do it. First of all you need to consider why you got bigger around the waistline in the former place. Most people know the answer to this already it is because you eat too much high calorie junk food and you do not get any exercise.

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So there you have it the answer to losing inches off your waistline is by eating a calorie reduced diet plan and getting off your backside and doing some exercise. Lots of people start diets and even exercise and still they cannot lose weight. This is because they’re probably doing it all wrong. If you exercise correctly and eat a reduced amount of calories each day. Your body has got no alternative but to lose weight.

When it comes to long term weight loss, the best amount of weight to lose each week is around 1 to 2 pounds. This is as it will help to ensure that the majority of the weight you lose is bodyfat and not lean mass. This does not look like a lot does it. However, if you’re watching it over the long term it is indeed a good amount of weight to lose. If you were to lose 2 pounds every week for one year you would lose a whopping 104 pounds.

When it comes to losing weight and losing inches off your waist there is no quick fix. It takes time and you need to place in the work through healthy eating and exercising. If you have not done any exercise in a while, then you’ll need to hold it easy at first.

To lose those excess inches from the waist you need to start burning calories. The best exercise for burning calories is high intensity cardio training. Training high intensity is so beneficial, as it is quick, it does not tell you the time to become bored with the exercise and it really helps to kick start your metabolism. Stay away from long and slow paced cardio workouts, not only is calorie burning slow but you’ll quickly become bored of doing it as a result of the long duration of the workouts. Which is going to make you quit and result in no inches being lost from your waist.

So forget about those calorie readouts on the cardio machines. Strength training doesn’t burn as much calories as a regular aerobic exercise during the exercise itself, BUT it continues to burn fat and those calories long after you’re done with your workout.

That is exactly why you’ll get a greater overall looking body with the Turbulence Training workout program than you would with any other workout program that provides long slow cardio exercises that is less effective and is slow. The Turbulence Training workout program will have you burning fat and building muscle at the same time in no time no matter your age. Get in shape fast with the awesome workout program Turbulence Training now.

You will likewise need to combine resistance training to your workout plan. This will help your body to hold on to lean body mass as you’re cutting weight. It will also contribute to give your body a more firm and attractive look to it as the inches are falling off your body.

One of the most efficient natural ways to lose weight is to contribute to your body burn those calories by exercising. Use up those extra calories and burn those fats by walking, swimming, cycling, yoga, jogging… Keep your body moving. Not only will this help a long way in shedding those extra weight but it also allows your body function well, help you manage stress as well as promote overall health.

Your diet plan has to change if you’re to successfully reduce your waistline, you need to start eating smaller meals more often. Up this to five meals but make the meals smaller instead of eating just three meals a day. This will help to keep your metabolic rate running fast which will result in an increase in fat loss.

A good time to eat these meals would be upon waking, mid morning, lunch time, dinner and finally at bedtime. Eat a diet plan that is rich in complex carbohydrates, protein and low in fats. And always make sure to reduce your calorie intake by no more than five hundred calories each day, otherwise rapid weight loss will occur and it’s something that you do not want to happen. If you’re looking for long term weight loss and keeping off those excess inches from your waist.

FAQ’s: How fast can you lose inches off your waist?Currently my waist is about 38 inches. I need to lose about 2.5 inches in a little under two months is that possible or am I screwed? Any suggestions on how to lose it would be great!

  • The post above makes no sense. And doesn’t answer your question. What works for him/her doesn’t work for everyone, I eat lots of rice and am thin. In answer to your question: measuring your waist you should account for water retention, it can affect things, a lot. Salt being the big culprit. lots of salt means lots of water in your skin means you look fat and have a bigger waist. You only need like 300 – 500 mg of salt in a day, your average can of soup has like 1200, most Americans eat like 4000-5000 or more mg of salt every day, one of the big reasons people die around these parts. Bodybuilders before contest attempt to reduce the amount of water in their skin so they look good, it’s not healthy to do this daily, but if you have a specific event like a weeding or something of that nature to go to, work on over the next few weeks/months eating less calories everyday than you are going to use up, eat under 2000 or so (1700 is good, just make it less than you need so your body pulls energy from your fat as apposed to store extra calories you ate there) and read up on salt, diuretics and water retention. The fat on your waist comes off along with that on your face, feet, buttocks, etc., There is no way to remove fat from a particular area on your skin (body) (unless you undergo surgery) When you notice fat on the belly it’s not just there that you gained fat, same with losing it. you lost or gained it all over your entire body. p.s. before you go to bed check your waist size and then do it again when you wake up first thing in the morning, you’ll see what I mean :) your body will “drink” the water in your skin while you sleep. Try it.


  • Eat little food. Dont eat too much. Run about 3 – 5 miles a day. I lost about 20 lbs in three month, just eating tuna, fruits and salad.. not eating too much rice and exercising regularly.