Lose Weight Without Having To Do Exercise

You have the wish to lose weight without exercise but is it really possible? Actually, until very recently it was NOT! However, there’s a supplement called Phen375 that can help you lose half a pound a day without exercise! Here’s the link.

One of the noblest goals a person can have is to achieve the goal of losing the desired amount of weight and then keep it off. While it may be possible to lose some weight without exercise it most surely will be more difficult to do and it’ll be much tougher to keep it off.

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There are so many scams, weight loss membership websites, exercise miracle tools, and too much weight loss pills and formulas to even go into. We shall look into some of the problems you face as a dieter. Use common sense when deciding how to attack your weight loss issues.

Walking for weight loss is the easy, Fun, cheap and low impact form of exercise to be integrated into day-to-day life. Walking for weight loss is a easiest weight loss exercise that provides an alternative to raise the calorie deficit required to induce weight loss. It is one of the most effective methods to slim down.

Be wary of any diet that calls for unnatural means to lose weight. If it seems to nice to be true it probably is. To lose weight and to hold it off is a continuous battle won by cutting calories. To be successful you’ve got to take in fewer calories. This is why exercise helps you so much as it burns lots of calories. Your battle will be much easier won by including some exercise in your plan.

How fast you lose weight is contingent on the difference between your energy intake (calories) and energy expenditure. You can use calorie charts to determine the number of calories are included in your diet. You can also find calorie charts for exercise online, that let you know as well as many calories you’ll lose over a given time carrying out some types of exercise. The bigger the difference between your calorie expenditure through exercise and your calorie intake in your diet, then the faster you’ll lose weight.

That is the essential knowledge you require to understand how long you should exercise to lose weight fast. The charts will show you that some exercise will allow you to lose weight faster than others, because they use up more calories compared to the same time period.

The best way to lose weight isn’t fast, but slowly, and around 2-3 pounds/week is a good average. You can experience an initial rapid weight loss as your body expels its stores of extra water, and then settle down to a good weekly average. However, if you’re determined to lose weight for a wedding or another event that is due shortly, then you’re better to exercise more rather than go on a crash diet.

That way, your energy expenditure will exceed your TDEE by more than you eat, and you’ll lose weight fast without compromising on the essential elements of a good diet. Even the best diets should have some fat in them and, and by designing your exercise program, around your diet and your TDEE, then you’ll lose weight as fast as you like, but in healthy way.

Exercise speeds up your metabolism. This will greatly improve your odds of shedding those pounds away. You should at least consider adding some sort of exercise into your weight loss program. You can do this without joining the gym and doing heavy workouts 5 days a week.

Start out by walking, this isn’t too difficult to do and can often work wonders. You may want to add some light weightlifting to your schedule. This will help keep your muscles in good shape.

Always start any new weight loss program with a flight to your doctor. Tell him your plans and to hear his advice. He should be in a position to help you get started in a secure way.

Weight loss is a hard thing to accomplish; anyone that tells you different probably wants to sell you something. Most people will need to watch their calorie intake during the rest of their lives.

Can you loss weight without exercise? Maybe but a little exercise on your part will make reaching your goals easier.

can you lose weight without exercising?can you lose weight without exercising but eating healthy?

  • I have lost around 60 lbs in 6 months and I will tell you what not to eat. The first myth we have been told is that fat is bad. Sugar and carbohydrate are the big nasties. In fact, reduced fat food that has had some of the fat removed is actually more fattening than the regular food because the removed fat in most cases has been replaced with carbs! This is the main reason why you must absolutely stay away from ALL processed food with no exception. Eat fresh and natural. You must have 3 meals a day and get into a routine so your body knows when to expect food. Your body is capable of doing exquisite things to avoid weight loss if it thinks it’s going to get starved, so you must feed it and regularly. The other thing you must do is keep your insulin as low as possible by getting sugar and carbs in your diet as close to zero as you can and not having ANYTHING between meals except water. Also having at least 5 hours between one meal and another. The last meal of the day must be no later than 9pm. Insulin is a hormone that will absolutely block fat and protein burning in your body and force it to burn sugar, that’s how it works. You will NOT lose weight with your blood stream flooded with insulin, even with exercise. It’s impossible. You must have at least 8 glasses of water a day in order for your liver and kidneys to excrete the fat from your body this is crucial. Now, what you must stay away from and I mean, non at all. Bread, pasta, rice, pastry, flour of any kind, sugar, potato, onion, parsnip, sweet potato, pumpkin, beetroot, carrots, peas, beans, beer, sweet wine, spirits, spreads like butter and margarine and be very careful of sauces and condiments. Fruit and milk should be taken very, very sparingly because they are fattening. Fruit is full of sugar too, only a very small amount. Avoid all processed food including diet soda it will stimulate insulin. 3 cups of black tea or coffee WITH meals a day is OK. Use Stevia for a sweetener. OK, if you are still with me, what can you eat? In a nutshell you replace the carbs you have removed with protein and green leafy vegetables. Do not mix protein only 1 per meal. This is what you can eat. Lean meat, poultry, fish, cheese, yoghurt and eggs are your permitted proteins. Cauliflower, cabbage, sprouts, broccoli, capsicum, mushroom, celery, zucchini and a small amount of tomato. You can have unlimited amounts of lettuce and cucumber but ONLY at meal times. You can use balsamic vinegar as a dressing; mustard is ok too but only made from the powder. Shop bought is full of sugar! Curry powder in cooking can be used as well. One tablespoon of olive oil is ok per day, in cooking and as a dressing. Garlic is OK but not shop bought; you guessed it, full of sugar. Use fresh. I will GUARANTEE if you stick to this you will loose heaps of weight, fast. I know it’s not easy and you need the support of your family too. Just another couple of things I forgot. NO breakfast cereal and avoid really heavy exercise you will just burn glycogen in your muscles, not fat and it will just make you sore and tired. You need prolonged gentle exercise to burn fat like walking. You don’t need to exercise at all on this diet as long as you’re moving about. Last but not least read food labels and look at the ingredients. Avoid foods like the plague with more than 5 grams of carbohydrate per 100 grams. If you like a drink, Semillon Sauvignon Blanc with a little soda water is OK with meals.


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  • yes, but you’ll have to reduce considerably the amount of calories because you are not burning any.



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  • Yes, it depends on how many calories you are taking in. This is a terrible way to loose weight however. The best way is to increase your activity level (exercise) and eat sensible meals.



  • Yes. Cutting out soda and fast food will help you to drop food. I would also suggest drinking water like crazy. It helps you to drop weight and it helps you to feel full.