Taking Your Shirt Off At The Beach

If you love going to the beach, but are embarrassed to remove your shirt, you aren’t alone. The great majority of males won’t remove their shirts. The reason: they are overweight! And, many of the overweight guys who take off their shirts are only reducing their chances for companionship. Most women are repulsed by the sight of an overweight guy, shirtless at the beach.

What if there was a way to lose those extra pounds and feel good about your stomach and chest?

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A fit, thin stomach and chest is EXACTLY the scenery women want to see when they go to the beach. Rolly Polly should keep covered up.

Should I take my shirt off at the beach?My mom and my sister wanted me to hang out with them at the beach today. I am about 60 lbs overweight, so should I take my shirt off or leave it on?

  • It depends if your comfortable with your body, also if you don’t care what others think about you, which you shouldn’t care. If people don’t like the way you look then they don’t have to look at you, who cares whay they think. Chances are there prolly not gonna ever see you again. Be confident! Love yourself no matter what your body type is. Forget about the rest, there opinions aren’t important ! :) have a great time at the beach!


  • probably not,